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Optical Solutions




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NIVISS offers a wide range of optical solutions for its LED lighting products. All products, including lenses and reflectors come from leading manufacturers. This fact is an assurance of the highest performance and quality of our optical solutions. Our LED engines are compatible with many different lens types and reflectors – this fact gives our customers an opportunity to choose the right solution matching the requirements of their applications.



Lens Selection


Designing a new LED lighting system always has to start with a clear understanding of optical goals. Main questions we have to answer to do that are:
  • what type of LED do we intend to use?
  • where (indoor or outdoor) will our system be used?
  • do we need a symmetrical or an asymmetrical solution?

Each secondary optics is specially designed for a specific LED Lamp type. Using a lens which does not match the LED will cause a lot of inconvenience, in particular a high light energy loss and a high beam non-uniformity. Worth mentioning is the fact, that in the market available are also many universal secondary optical solutions, which in combination with a different LED light source give a different end effect (mostly because of different LED size or viewing angle). Main differences are different light distribution angles and different beam shapes.



 Solid state (LED) light sources are widely used in both – indoor (general lighting, mood lighting) and outdoor applications (street lighting). LED lamps used in interior applications use in most cases symmetrical secondary optics and do not require high Ingress Protection Rating (IP). On the other hand most of the outdoor lighting products need to be resistant to UV radiation and be water- and dustproof. Because of that all leading optical solutions manufacturers offer fully sealed constructions made of optical grade PMMA – a material with high UV and temperature resistance and with high optical efficiency. Furthermore a very desired property of outdoor lenses is an oval or asymmetrical design which allows to controll the beam and illuminate only the desired area of the street or sidewalk.  

Main features of offered optics:
- light transmission rate up to 93%,
- single and multiple lenses available,
- compatible with CREE High Powerd LEDs: XP-G, XP-E, XP-C, XM-L, MP-L, XR-E, XR-C, MC-E, MX6, MX3,
- lens material: optical grade PMMA or PC,
- high UV and temperature resistance,
- symmetry and asymmetry models available,
- indoor and outdoor versions available,
- tape or screw mounted lenses available.


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